The continued launches of innovative products with attractive returns in the DeFi
ecosystem are expected to sustain DeFi’s exponential rise, with more and more market players observing with increasing clarity that the DeFi market, dubbed as the “Internet of Money”, is poised at the brink of an unprecedented bull run.


The cryptospace has seen enormous developments in the field of DEFI recently. It has seen tremendous growth and made great advances in technology. With the year 2021 it is becoming increasingly clear that DEFI is the new trend. The outlook is promising for the users. More and more users in the staking, lending/borrowing are facing various some problems, mentioned in the example. We as the Bor Foundation find it important to provide our users with a safe fast reliable service with the ease of use with an innovative invention in this field.

The problems

Impermanent Loss

The temporary loss of funds occasionally experienced by liquidity providers because of volatility in a trading pair.


User experience

A weak point of DEFI protocols is the user-friendly experience. The current protocols are sometimes too complicated for users.


High gas cost

One of the biggest challenges on the eth network is the high gas fees. Which makes it unattractive for many users to perform multiple transactions.