About BOR Protocol

We believe that the user experiences can be improved with the current DEFI developments.

We as Bor Foundation are now changing that, with a smart working system in the yield farming, with just on single place to add your liquidity.

A platform that makes it easy for everyone to access yield markets with lending/borrowing staking swap services in one platform. The users will be able to get more out of their capabilities.

Why BOR Foundation

The BOR Foundation gives you the choice to grow your portfolio more, faster and safely with the robo advisor as an advisor aimed at giving you the best performance with the current DEFI developments on yield farming.

Our Vision

We believe that Defi should be more accessible to the average users, and not only for the advanced users. We want to give users a seamless experience where they can achieve the most return in the field of yield farming without risk of losing their investment.


We are not here to build alone, we are here to give the best to our users.

We're here for U, Bor Protocol.