Bor Protocol

Decentralized Yield

Robo-advisor Protocol


A suite of DeFi yield products 

What iBor Protocol?

  Bor is a Decentralized finance ecosystem and growth engine for your crypto. Bor Protocol connects you to the best available yield farming strategies. The smart Robo technology lets you analyze and gives the best options in real-time for DeFi trading and farming in one single platform. Robo advisory, investment/funds management, liquidity, borrowing/lending and more advanced trading products in a decentralized way, that enables you to earn more with your digital assets on yield farming with just one single place to add your liquidity.



Our users can add their holdings in few clicks and our Automation system will feature multiple complex actions across staking, yield farming, LP tokens and liquidity pools available for automation through a visual programming interface.


 Low gas cost

Fees will be handled by the platform, with pooled investment fund investors will be saved gas to a particular percentage.




Cross Chain 

Our multi-chain protocols automated chain switching ensures you receive the best  APY´s.





Suite of Products

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